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OORI EARTH – A U.S.-Korea Climate Action Network (Sponsorship)

OORI EARTH – A U.S.-Korea Climate Action Network

When the Presidents of the United States and Korea met in May 2021, they pledged to deepen our cooperation to combat the climate crisis and enhance our people-to-people ties.

To put this into action, the U.S. Embassy in Korea is making climate change a top priority for all our programs in 2021. At the heart of this effort, we have set up the Embassy's own climate action network, "OORI EARTH." OORI EARTH will provide the latest news on the U.S. government's eco-friendly policies, U.S.-ROK cooperative efforts, and will provide participants with opportunity to be invited to exclusive events hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Korea.

We invite all our Korean friends and future leaders who want to cooperate to combat climate change together with the U.S. government to OORI EARTH. To join us, please visit the OORI EARTH website. If you scan the green QR code on the left with your mobile phone, you will be directly connected to the homepage.

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