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2nd English Youth Speech Contest

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

U.S. Embassy Seoul Sponsorship Article: View

FSI-GHSU just held the 2nd English Speech Contest! This year's contest focused on Climate Change, a theme officially sponsored by the USA Embassy in Seoul.

Specific topics were: Individual action plan on Climate Change/ The role of Global Corporates on Climate Change/ Open Topics related to Climate Change .

We announced contest in the middle of June(6/14), and it was originally planned July 9th.

But, FINALLY WE HAD IT ON July 22nd! 9 Contestants joined. Each contestants gave impressive speeches!

Thank you leadership team of Speech contest for organizing the event.

Technical part: Hyoungmin Song (Co-director of GHSU)

MC: Hyowon Gu (Co-director of GHSU)

Announcement: Claire Kim (Event Manager)

Final list

Grand Prize: Ansu Lee (Yongsan International School of Seoul)

First Prize: Taerin Lee (Valor International Scholars)

Second Prize: Faith Park (Sevenoaks School)

Third Prize: Minso Kim (The American School in Japan)

Creative Speech: Minseok Kim (Korean Minjok Leadership Academy)

Honorable mention: Jiwon Hyung (Mercersburg Academy), EunJung Kim (Valor International Scholars), Jieun Kim (Seoul Scholars International) / Hanna Yeo (Providence Christian Academy Korea)

Grand Prize Winner

First Prize Winner

Second Prize Winner

Third Prize Winner

Creative Speech Prize Winner

Honorable Mention

If you are interested in Climate Change issues, you can check out some of the activities directly from the USA embassy: OORI EARTH – A U.S.-Korea Climate Action Network

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