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FSI-GHSU Running Club Updates

The Running Club had regular meetings in October. The manager of the meetings was Seung Joon Lee. According to the updates, they ran regularly on Wednesdays. In October, they met on the 6th, 13th, and 20th at Valor Campus and Anseong Matsum Land and they had a special meeting on the 22nd at Anseong Matsum. The Running Club has an Instagram account: TNKR(@tnkr_running) • Instagram 사진 및 동영상

The Running Club raises money whenever the members run. From August to October, they raised 1,230,000 won.

The following members joined these meetings:

Kim Joochan(1)/ Yoon Hyeonsung(3)/ Lee Seungjoon(4)/ Lee Sunghoon(4)

Jang Seunghyun(1)/ Kim Hyunje(3)/ Kim Joonsu(3)/ Lee Taerin(3)/ Kim Eunjeong(3)/ Shin Mingi(4)

2021. 10. 13

2021. 10 .20

2021. 10. 22

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