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FSI-GHSU Logo Design Competition Apply Now

The FSI-GHSU Logo Design Competition starts today! As TNKR has transformed its organization to include a broad spectrum of issues and changed to Freedom Speakers International, TNKR-GHSU will also walk in the same step to transform itself to FSI-GHSU.

The Logo Design Competition will be the very first part of this process, and we need your contribution. See below for details:

  • The competition is open to anyone.

  • The Logo must encapsulate the core values of FSI

  • However, the aim of the logo should be rechanneled to fit Global High School Union Incentives

  • The submission deadline is until the 1st of August.

  • Must submit as a high-resolution PNG file.

  • Recommend that contestants make several versions of the same logo (eg. Pamphlet use, website use, print use, banner use, and so on)

  • Tittle in the following way (Applicant Full Name / School or Organization / Year Group or Age / Any Special Name of the Logo)


There are several prizes too for the winner.

1st Place

  • Best Design Award

  • The logo gets used for FSI-GHSU

  • 50,000 Won Gift Package

2nd Place

  • Excellent Design Award

Process of Judging

The Logo will be judged by a panel of Five

  • FSI Co-Founders (2)

  • FSI-GHSU Co-Directors (2)

  • FSI Ambassador (1)

We look forward to your participation.

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