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TNKR GHSU Speech Contest Award

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

2020 TNKR GHSU Online English Speech Contest Award

Date: 2020 07 8th at 3

The TNKR GHSU Online English Speech Contest aims to change this.

The TNKR GHSU Online English Speech Contest is an outlet for tomorrow's leaders to engage with humanitarian issues with regard to North Korean refugees.

Utilizing 2 unique prompts, the TNKR GHSU Online English Speech Contest will enable these participants to gain insight into the precarious situation faced by many North Korean defectors. With this newfound knowledge, participants will not stop at giving speeches, but move forward and work to make a change, to make the lives of North Korean defectors better. To give them hope during these perilous times, and providing them with a helping hand when so many in this country have turned their backs.

Due to the current epidemic of SARS-CoV-2 not showing any signs of slowing down, many speech and debate competitions have either been postponed or outright canceled. This resulted in thousands of students suddenly having nowhere to show their talent in speaking, to express their passion on a subject, or even listen to others pour their hearts out.

The TNKR GHSU Online English Speech Contest will provide an outlet for these students so that they can do all of these things even with the social distancing protocols in place.

l Judges: Casey Lartigue, Dave Fry and Jun Koh

l Themes: The key to unification”

“The power of voice”

“Tackling Discrimination in South Korea”

“The Hermit Kingdom: North Korea”

“Breaking down borders”

“Solving the Korean refugee crisis”

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