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Interview from 13th English Speech Contest Winner (TNKR)

Yu-sung Park won 1st place in the 13th English Speech contest hosted by TNKR on March 13. We want to honour Jinhyuk Jang (Chungra Dalton High School) for mentoring Yu-sung through the process.

The following video features Casey and Yu-sung that explains the hidden story behind this year's speech contest.


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Casey Lartigue / Co-founder, Freedom Speakers International Pak Yu-sung / Winner, 13th English Speech Contest for North Korean refugees

TNKR 웹사이트 -

TNKR Website -

📢 TBS eFM’s morning culture show 'Life: Abroad'

▶▶매일 09:00​​~10:00​​ 101.3Mhz◀◀

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