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Giving Tuesday Korea Launching Event 2020

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Giving Tuesday (often referred to as #givingtuesday) is a global generosity movement that was created in 2012 in the USA with the goal of encouraging people to “give time, give talent and give dollars.” By engaging more in society, people can help make the world a better place. To date, Giving Tuesday operates in more than 60 countries, but it wasn’t until a short time ago that Korea was added.

In July 2020, Casey Lartigue (American), Eunkoo Lee (South Korean) and Eunhee Park (North Korean refugee) were appointed by the Giving Tuesday organization as representatives of South Korea. The Giving Tuesday team in South Korea wants to spread awareness of this movement in South Korean society and to motivate people to participate.

TNKR Global Highschool Union members in giving Tuesday team will give presentations.

<Giving Tuesday Korea Launching event>

- Date: 2020 Dec. 1 at 3

- Venue: Foreign Correspondents club(18th floor)

- Host: TNKR

- Sponsored by The USA Embassy, KUVA

유투브 학생 발표

서울외신기자클럽(SFCC; The Seoul Foreign Correspondents’ Club) 18층

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