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Fundraising Team Meeting

Minjae Kim our Fundraising Team Manager organized a meeting with his team members.

On Monday, Timothy Han, Hyunchan Jun, Yejin Kong, Jongha Lim, Junhyeok Lee, MinJae Kim, Youngseo Yun, Hyunje Kim, Minso Kim, and SeungHyun Jang(Luke Jang, 장승현) participated.

On Sunday, Yoohyun Kim, Luke Jang, Youngseo Yun, Minso Kim, and Hyunje Kim participated.

The meeting was very productive, and they decided to partition their role in the following way:

Charity Bazaar/Flea Market

Yoohyun Kim

Soomin Kim

Hyein Hwang

Junhyeok Lee

Minjae Kim (SPAD)

Miracle of Ten Thousand Won

Hyunje Kang

Luke Jang

Request for Sponsorship

Minseo Kim

Youngseo Yun

Timothy Han

Hyunchan Jun

Jongha Im

Yejin Kong

We hope that the Team would continue to inspire others and carry forward with their mission.

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