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FSI-GHSU Online Bazaar event!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

1st FSI-GHSU Online Bazaar was held from September 17th to September 25th

It was organized by the FSI-GHSU Fundraising team! They worked together for having the event.

Thanks to Fundraising manager: Minjae Kim(SSI)/ Fundraising members: Minso Kim, Hyunje Kim, Timothy Han, Soomin Kim, Heyin Hwang, Sunghyun Jang, Youngseo Yoon, Minjae Kim(Saint Paul Dachi), Junhyeok Lee, Jongha Lim, Wonhyuck choi, Nahye park, Yejin Kong, Hyunchan Jeon, and Yoohyun Kim.

We would like to share Online Bazaar pictures!

FSI-GHSU Online Bazaar event flyer

Online Bazaar items in the website

Fundraising team members visited to FSI office to pack for delivery

Finally Fundraising team finished the event

Who are fundraising team?

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