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FSI-GHSU Mentoring program for North Korean refugee students

We are recruiting more than 10 high school mentors who can help our North Korean refugee students (aged 10-18) to improve general English. They are attending public schools and they have basic English level.

Who is eligible to apply?

1) FSI- GHSU member

2) Being confidence to teach English for basic English level.

3) Having strong responsibility and professionalism as a mentor.

4) Do not join current mentoring program for North Korean refugee students

What is the timeline?

1)Recruiting period for High School mentors: 2021 July 16th – July 25th

2)Deadline to apply: by July 25th, send your resume to

3) Resume should include

* Available times

* Which grades prefer to teach, e.g) elementary, middle school or high school students

* Korean and English/maximum one page.

4) The final mentors will have zoom orientation with FSI

5) Mentoring period: August 2nd - September 2nd

(Professional relationship between mentor and mentee is possible to extend mentoring period)

6) Once a week by online class

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