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FSI-GHSU Giving Tuesday Korea Team Meetings on 10/31, 11/7, and 11/28

The following FSI-GHSU members met on the following dates to discuss the upcoming activities surrounding the internationally acclaimed day of giving. Giving Tuesday Korea seeks to encourage more people to participate in this movement in order to help spread awareness of organizations, such as Freedom Speakers International (FSI), who continue to support the empowerment of North Korean refugees. Participants: Jeewoo Kim, Miso Kim, Seohyun Choi, Andrew Yoo, Uredon Lee, Seungyeon (Simon) Kim

Mentoring Team Meeting on 11/6

The following team members met up with Human Resources Manager Daniel Cashmar in order to discuss how to make an efficient Mentoring Guidebook to better assist them in becoming better mentors to the North Korean refugees currently studying English.

Participants: Daniel Cashmar, Casey Lartigue Jr, Eunkoo Lee, Eunjeong Kim, Jieun Kim, and

Fundraising Team Meeting on 11/14

The following team members met together to discuss and plan future FSI-GHSU activities with the end of the year drawing to a close.

Participants: MinJae Kim(meeting host), Timothy Han, Hyunchan Jun, Yeongseo Yoon, Hu Yun, Hyein Hwang, Minso Kim, Luke Jang, Hyunje Kim, Wonhyuk Choi

Fayston Preparatory School featuring North Korean Refugee Speaker Yuna Kim on 11/20

Co-Founder and Co-President of Freedom Speakers International (FSI) met with students of the Fayston Preparatory School to listen to a speech given by renowned North Korean refugee speaker Yuna Kim.

Participants: Casey Lartigue Jr, Yuna Kim, Seungbeom Choi, Isabel Lee, Seungwoo Choi, Hyeonseo Yoon, Byungjoo Kang, and Bryan Kang

Cornerstone Collegiate Academy of Seoul Club Meeting on 12/4

The following team members of the Cornerstone Collegiate Academy of Seoul all met in order to discuss their feedback from their most recent event.

Participants: Sunny Yoon, Jess, Won Kim and Anna Koh

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