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Announcement: 2021-2022 FSI-GHSU executive team

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

FSI-GHSU interviewed applications for the 2021-2022 leadership team

The applicants had interviews with the FSI team(Co-directors and human resources manager). The

appointment period will be from 2021 June 15th to 2022 June 15th.

Here is the new team! Thank you for joining the executive team!


Hyungmin Song(APIS 12)

Hyowon Gu(Ivy Collegiate School 11)

FSI Ambassadors

Sangyoon Lee (NLCS Jeju, 12)

Sunghoon Lee (Valor International Scholars, 11)

Toni Ban ( APIS, 11)

Byoungchan Kang (Fayston Preparatory School, 11)

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