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2022-2023 Youth forum

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

FSI GHSU's 2022-2023 Youth Forum was held on 2022, July 2nd at Tmark Grand Hotel. Songmi Han, the author of "Greenlight to Freedom", told her story of escaping from North Korea. Many members were awarded for their contributions to FSI GHSU. Congratulations everyone!

Over 100 members and parents attended the forum.

Welcome remarks by Mr. Casey Lartigue.

2022 FSI-GHSU Graduation Ceremony.

2021-2022 leaders introduction.

2022-2023 New leaders introduction.

Opening by Sangyoon Lee (2021 FSI-GHSU Ambassador)

Ansu Lee ( Yongsan International High School) , 2022-2023 FSI-GHSU General Director's speech.

Teri Shim (Seoul Foreign School) , 2022-2023 FSI-GHSU Vice General Director's speech

North Korean Refugees Speech, Songmi Han (FSI, Co-author, Greenlight to Freedom)

Part 1 Mc, Yunyoung Lee (Seoul University of Foreign Studies)

2022-2023 FSI-GHSU activities presented by Ms. Eun Koo Lee (FSI co-president).

Mr. Casey Lartigue (FSI-co president).

Clarinet solo by Junyoung Lee (Green hope high school).

Part 2 MC Minseok Kim (Korean Minjok Leadership Academy) and Seungah Lee (Seoul Foreign School).

Ansu Lee & Teri Shim.

2022-2023 School Leaders.

School Awards Silver prize : Valor International Scholars.

Team Awards Gold prize : Fundraising Team.

Award of appointment to new general director, Ansu Lee.

Award of appointment to new leader, Seungah Lee.

School Awards Silver prize : Fayston Preparatory School.

School Awards Gold prize: Seoul Scholars International.

2021-2022 FSI-GHSU fundraising certificate of $29,995,383.

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